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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hands up those who think Frank Wuterich will redeem himself at the end like Darth Vader or Gollum. Anyone?

The main news story tonight was the end of the trial of USMC Sgt Frank Wuterich, the sole member of the Haditha death squad (which slaughtered 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in a revenge attack, including old men, women and children) to stand trial. (The other seven claimed they were only obeying orders, or some such clear mitigating factor). Wuterich admitted ordering the massacre, but was allowed to plea-bargain his charge down from crimes against humanity....murder.....manslaughter....criminal negligence.....to "dereliction of duty". You know, as though he'd turned up late for parade, rather than pulling an Anakin Skywalker on the people he was supposed to be in Iraq protecting. So this piece of filth, facing a MAXIMUM sentence of three months -roughly four days per corpse - is likely to serve no jail time at all. Oh, but he gets busted back to private and will have his pay docked. (And let's remember when considering his cruel and unusual punishment for doing nothing more than erase a couple of dozen Ay-rabs, that none of the seven brave Americans who joined him in the orgy of kid-killing will serve a single day, suffer any loss of status, nor have their pay docked by a cent. They won't even have to pay for the bullets and grenades they misused.)

What signal does this send to the world about America's armed forces? That they can commit war crimes and get away with it? That once they've invaded your country they can murder you if they feel like it, without fear of retribution?

Wuterich doesn't deserve to die - Gandalf was right - and maybe like Gollum and Vader he really will play a part for good in the future. But I fear that the lesson he will take away from his trial and ludicrous sentence is that he did nothing really bad. Darth Vader at least knew that he had gone over to the dark side.

Bonni Intall of BareNakedEndTimes naturally thinks it's dreadful that these poor dear heroes were victimised just for rubbing out a few "muslimes". Not surprisingly, she also supported the desecration of corpses by Marines in Afghanistan. (Interestingly, unindicted war criminal Allen West described their offense as "minor", which compared with his own staging of a mock execution perhaps it was.) And only last Sunday she described the murder of a three-month-old Pakistani baby as "kind of like a public service". (With many supportive comments from her coterie of knuckle-dragging survivalists.) What would we do without such folk to show us the superiority of Western values over those of the bloodthirsty Muslims, eh?