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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Empty bookshelves, empty minds

The banning of books has been in the news recently, with the enforced cancellation of Salman Rushdie's video address to the Jaipur Literary Festival (The Satanic Verses is still banned in India, and Rushdie evidently touches nerves there, perhaps because he is an Indian himself).

Anyway, this story reminds us that the banning of books is not confined to India, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia. I gather that Arizona bans more books than any other state on the USA. I bet they don't put that in their blurbs for tourists.

The picture above, incidentally, is of the "Empty Library", a memorial in Berlin to an infamous book-burning by the Nazis. the memorial is an underground chamber with a small window in its ceiling) full of bookshelves, but empty of books. Ingenious and thought-provoking, if surprisingly easy to overlook as a tourist.


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