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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A blog so dumb it spends several posts whining about an organisation while continuing to give it free advertising

You may recall I had my doubts about the proposed removal of the BareNakedIslam white supremacist blog from Wordpress, following its stay of execution.

Well, it has indeed been given the bum's rush, albeit after yet another delay to avoid hurting the poor dears' feelings. The blog is now being hosted on a server which "Bonni" tells us is in Israel, which will be interesting when she starts in on her liberal-Jews-control-the-world-and-were-responsible-for-the-Holocaust shtick. Actually the web address of the blog is now www.endtimestoday.com, in other words one of those sites which tolerates the Jews only because they will all convert to Christianity just before the world ends. I suppose it's difficult for open neofascists to find willing hosts: the intersection of Zionist terrorism and the lunatic fringe of Christianity is all they have left.

But Bonni is trying to be nice to her new hosts. Posting a video showing the shockingly uncaring attitude of Jerusalem residents to a homeless man lying in the street in sub-zero temperatures (though to be fair such behaviour could probably be found in many Western countries) she merely wonders whether the Israelis are avoiding him because he's a Muslim and they're scared he might blow up.

Her assumption that Muslims are all probable terrorists is hardly surprising, nor her ignorant belief that she could tell a Muslim from a Jew on sight. Her assumption that all those "passing by on the other side" (yup, Jesus ran this story a couple of thousand years back) are non-Muslims is interesting though. Perhaps she realises in her heart that no decent Muslim would behave in that way...... (:-))

Funnily enough, despite plenty of evidence that Wordpress's termination of BNI had nothing to do with pressure from CAIR or other Muslim groups but resulted from (a) incitements to murder posted on the site and (b) repeated publication of commenters' email addresses and IP addresses in contravention of Wordpress rules, "Bonni" insists that it's all the fault of the Muslims. In fact now she has invented "death threats" against Wordpress staffers (funny how she didn't mention those at the outset and Wordpress seem unaware of them). Oh, and it's all got something to do with Michelle Obama's campaign against obesity (no, me neither).

You know the funniest thing about all this? "Bonni" whinges and whines about Wordpress and its hypocrisy, and has had to move her blog to a different site (losing its lurid banner heading in the process), but the moron still proclaims "Proudly powered by wordpress.org" at the foot of every page. I wonder how many months it will be before one of the site's semi-literate regulars notices and alerts "Bonni". Start your clocks now.....


At 20 January, 2012 12:56, Anonymous Fried Mahooga said...

Speaking of dumb blogs, have you noticed that Uncle Jimmy's blog is now visible again? Have you seen his latest entry - about how Tony Blair's initials are written in the stars? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1204193/Monkey-boy-killed-climbing-pylon-grabbing-66-000-volt-cable.html
He should seriously seek professional help.

At 23 January, 2012 00:58, Blogger Rob said...

Yes indeed. The guy is a fruitcake.

I'm interested in the relationship between his blog and "Julie's Think Tank", which seems weird.

At 23 January, 2012 16:27, Anonymous Fried Mahooga said...

Oops. Just seen that I posted the wrong link. Happens when you have too many windows open.

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