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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Another Israeli who believes laws are for lesser people

I suppose when you believe you are racially superior to the rest of the world the planet divides neatly into two parts: countries which provide Israel with its vital drip-feed of welfare payments, and the rest which form a sort of enormous trashcan to be bombed, despoiled or whatever.

This Roten Singer imbecile admits that he set fire to 11,500 hectares of Chilean national park by igniting his toilet paper (maybe he was trying to light his farts). Fair enough, and nobody is suggesting it was deliberate, merely hugely negligent (can he not read signs about lighting fires?) But for his family back in Israel this is irrelevant, and he's being made a scapegoat (yawn....). After all, he can't possibly do anything wrong, ever, anywhere in the world, because he serves in a combat unit of the IDF. Gosh, if only he'd made that clear at the outset. I'm sure the Chileans would have been grateful that he only destroyed a few thousand acres of pristine woodland rather than machine-gunning a school or destroying a village's water supply. But hey, he's on holiday.

I had to smile, though at this comment from Accion Ecologica's spokesman:

"It would have been great to see a government as gifted at throwing water on the flames consuming our natural heritage, as they are (at shooting water at Chilean) citizens defending their rights," said activist Luis Mariano Rendon.

He's not wrong there....


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