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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can I visit as a tourist if pretend not to be a Christian and promise to disinfect anything I touch?

It must be wonderful to live in a democracy where being of the wrong religion doesn't make you an impurity who defiles the ground you stand on.

Where Christians aren't spat on in the street.

(Well, you can hardly expect a backward theocracy to have the same standards of hygiene as, say, Jordan or Syria.)

Where women's rights organisations are closed by the military authorities (because obviously women have no rights.)

Where "tourists" belonging to the state religion are permitted to carry automatic weapons and vandalise property as part of state-organised "religious tours"? Anywhere else it would be called terrorism: in Israel it's encouraged by the government.

We can only dream of the day when Israelis are freed from the theocratic yoke under which they labour.

Here are two pictures of walls built to keep freedom out and dissidents in:


At 02 January, 2012 17:45, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Looks like photos of old Berlin

At 03 January, 2012 00:13, Blogger Rob said...

The second one is: which was my point.


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