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Friday, November 04, 2011

Uncle Jimmy on torture, abuse and extrajudicial killings

From EKN's favourite racist, Uncle Jimmy (aka BlairSupporter):

"As you will know I am a strong supporter of humanitarian interventionism. But only if it is controlled by those who do NOT kill or sodomize the enemy. Or at least by those who put to legal due process those who do either."

Funny, I didn't hear him demanding legal action against President Obama for the extrajudicial murders of Osama bin Laden of Anwar al-Awlaki. Even though he believes Pres. Obama to be a Muslim. Must be because they were simply murders with no "humanitarian" whitewash. And he was fully supportive of Israel's extrajudicial murder of the Mavi Marmara crew members.

Of course, Jimmy's real problem is not that Gaddafi is dead, even though Tony Blair supposedly "brought him in from the international cold" which must mean that his countless murders and depradations against his people are at least partially forgiven. It's that he doesn't care for the folk who killed him. Let's be clear: he's perfectly happy to see prisoners tortured provided it's being done by people of whom he approves. For example, in his response to Peter Oborne's criticism of Blair et al over the illegal rendition and torture of Binyam Mohamed:

It’s not up to us or rather YOU to prove that Tony Blair knew there was some sort of complicity, even if it wasn’t our security people administering any so-called “torture”.....
Some of us take a very different view of ‘just desserts’ and ‘torture’, by the way, Oborne. And some of us think it’s about time the Human Rights Act applied to human behaviour only.

See also here.

And before Jimmy leaps in to tell us that he's in favour of mere torture (sorry, ' so-called "torture" ') by being strung up from the ceiling, beaten, shackled and deprived of sleep, but that being sodomized is a different matter, I don't remember (nor can Google jog my memory) Jimmy's ever saying a word in condemnation of the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib which included forcing prisoners to perform sexual acts of various kinds. And of course rape of prisoners (male and female) by guards and interrogators is far from uncommon in Israeli prisons (see also here, here, and here.

So actually Jimmy is a strong supporter of humanitarian intervention by those who do kill and sodomize their opponents, provided the killers and sodomisers are British, American or Israeli. Arabs on the other hand are held to a wholly different standard.

The a few days later we find this post, still banging on about Gaddafi. But this time I'm pretty much wholly in agreement with his sentiments, which is more than can be said for Jimmy himself, as he contradicts them all over the place on his blog. We've just seen how killing Gaddafi = bad, but killing Saddam = good. Killing al-Awlaki and bin Laden, and the many extrajudicial killings carried out by Israeli forces: also good.

Now I totally agree with Amnesty's take on the Gaddafi murder, and with Jimmy's comment that

PLEASE – we cannot “do” human rights selectively. As with defending the rights of all to freedom of speech we MUST defend the rights of all humans to humane treatment.
If human rights are to mean anything at all they must apply to all people. No exceptions. Otherwise Amnesty UK might as well pack up and forget it.

The trouble is, Jimmy doesn't believe that at all. Or at least he didn't on 26 May 2008 when he wrote:

The remedy – either alter and adjust our responsibilities under the Human Rights Act or quite simply remove it from this country’s statutes. Human rights only apply to those who behave like human beings. Bombers, terrorists, instigators or trainers of terror are less than human, and should be automatically exempted.

In fact, Jimmy would be ecstatic if Amnesty were to "pack up and forget it". For him they're "the enemy within":

There is a deeply sinister enemy within, who don’t mean to be our enemy. They don’t even know they are the enemy. They actually believe that some of us are the enemy; the people who raise the issues. They would be just as horror stricken as the rest of us if they realised their stance of unblemished liberal tolerance and purity is bringing an Islamist state to a country near you some time in the (near) future. An Islamist state based, in Britain’s case, in Downing Street. They are so busy fighting yesterday’s battles over Iraq, political “lies”, conspiracies, exaggerated fear of fear, ulterior motives and World Orders. Meanwhile, unnoticed, a new World Order builds itself around them. Around them and US.

If it were only around them, I’d let them stew in it.

They are made up of, and this is not a charge I make lightly, human rights activists including such august bodies as Amnesty International, whose good works are legend all around the world. And of course the little civil righters who proliferate at The Guardian and other such anti-authority, anti-government hang-outs.

I take exception – NO, GREAT PERSONAL EXCEPTION to Amnesty International using inverted commas around the words “war on terror” in ANY of its publications. There is a war on terror, whether people with too much time on their hands understand it or not. For that kind of disparagement of the leaders of the west, if I had been a paying supporter of Amnesty, I’d stop it right now.

Or responding to commenters criticising his support for the illegal detention and torture of Binyam Mohamed:

Not that I expect impartiality and fairness from someone affiliated with Amnesty International, of course. How much of your time do you waste attacking democracies, and how little time do you spend going after dictatorships that violate human rights on a far more massive and blatant scale than democracies could ever imagine?


Unless to ‘Liberty’ and Amnesty; IRA violence is perfectly fine by them. And let’s face it, they probably do think that in any case.

The man is a thoroughly disgusting -and thoroughly racist - hypocrite. Thank God he's not British.


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