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Friday, November 04, 2011

Time to purge the dead wood

This is excellent news: Palestine has been admitted to membership of UNESCO.

This, not so much. Though the USA has tried a similar trick before and Unesco survived. Personally I think Unesco should expel the USA immediately and begin delisting its World Heritage Sites, starting with the Statue of Liberty.

And now Israel has tried the same trick, as thoughanyone would notice its contribution to Unesco (in any sense). Education: training terrorists and promoting a myth of racial supremacy. Science: manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. Culture: desecrating and destroying archaeological sites. This last habit got Israel expelled from Unesco once before, but it was readmitted because the USA threatened to withhold its Unesco funding. This time the USA has already shot its bolt there, so I can see no possible reason to tolerate Israel's unwelcome presence in Unesco for a single day longer.


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