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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Ten Unguessed First Lines

OK, now we're one month on from when I posted my Twenty-Five First Lines quiz, and ten of the songs remain unguessed. I've posted the answers and video clips on the original post. Go and kick yourselves.

I'm not surprised nobody got Decameron: that was always going to be a bit out of the way. t.A.t.U? Well, I thought with the hint somebody might get them, but I suppose I'm not too amazed that nobody did. Janis Ian I think Lisa nearly got, but then she chickened out. (And my clue about typography was that if you Google "Janis Ian at 17" as opposed to "At Seventeen", up comes this video clip).

But Kylie? Robbie Williams? Iron Maiden? Dire Straits? The Darkness? Jon and Vangelis? Sandy Denny? Not exactly obscure, surely? And not even obscure tracks.

Oh well.....

There are some fun videos though. Justin Hawkins hams up the miming on TOTP. The Janis Ian one is a treat. "Gomenasai" is a beautiful song, and t.A.t.U. demonstrate that they can sing perfectly well when not dressed as schoolgirls. And the Kylie video is wonderful.



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