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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revisionist history from BlairSupporter

By chance (actually when Googling to try to find out whether my outbound flight from Glasgow to Berlin would be likely to be delayed much by the 30th November strike: apparently not, as I suspected) I encountered an old post of Uncle Jimmy's from 18 November 2008. As the poor dear is now hiding his posts from the view of lesser mortals, it seems only fair to give an airing to another of his pieces of utter idiocy. In a piece on the guy who tried to car-bomb Glasgow airport, he wrote:

Here in Britain we do not attack, bomb, shoot, injure or attempt to kill in any way political leaders or anyone else because of differences of opinions on foreign, or indeed ANY policy. That’s freedom and democracy for you. We vote them out of power. We do not blow them to kingdom come.



And this can't have happened, because Jimmy says so.

Hint for the American fool: those of us who actually lived in Britain during the IRA's bombing campaign will never forget it, nor are we likely to fall for the lies of those like yourself who try to pretend that terrorism is wholly, or even mostly, a Muslim phenomenon. While you were living in a country that had hardly had a terrorist attack (Tim McVeigh was still in the future) we were living with regular bombings.

The American tradition is to shoot political opponents rather than bombing them, of course. That's freedom and democracy for you.


At 04 December, 2011 22:47, Anonymous Fried Mahooga said...

Hmm...I have just clicked on Uncle Jimmy's site and noticed that parts of it are visible again. I wonder if he's realised just how pointless it is to have a blog trying to convince the world of how wonderful (Ha! Ha!) Bliar was if nobody can read it.

Not that he has a cat in hell's chance of succeeding. A while ago, there was an article on Yahoo! news about how Bliar was godfather to Rupert Murdoch's children. I left a tongue-in-cheek comment about how this wasn't a huge shock and it had been more of a surprise when he was appointed "Middle East Peace Envoy". To borrow a quote from the somewhat ridiculed (but nevertheless entertaining) Mr Galloway, this latter appointment was a bit like making Dr Harold Shipman the posthumous head of Help the Aged. Result - over fifty people gave my comment the thumbs up and a total of two (!) the thumbs down.

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