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Monday, November 14, 2011

Procul, procul, o este profani

My regular readers will be familiar with my occasional posts on the more egregious pieces of rubbish posted by "Uncle Jimmy", the American racist whose blog Keep Tony Blair For PM gives rise to such hilarity and mirth.

Jimmy has for a long time now banned comment on his blog from those deemed insufficiently worthy: not Aryan enough, perhaps, or insufficiently in thrall to the resistible charms of the lying pocket-liner who once disgraced Downing Street. Now as you will see if you follow the link above, Jimmy has decided that we profane ones cannot be trusted even to read his pearls of wisdom without being vetted and approved first.

Well, of course, thanks to the magic of Google's cache those of us who take an interest in the "enemy within" can continue to watch what he's doing, so if he imagines that he can continue to pump out his Islamophobic blood libels and his hatred against non-white Britons unobserved, he has a rude awakening ahead of him. Just key the words from the now-blocked URL into Google and click on "cached". Et voila.

At least he hasn't yet seen fit to unburden himself of another diatribe on Remembrance day. Last year, you may recall, he posted a piece in which he accused the BBC of anti-British bias (pretty good coming from an American) because they considered that an EDL thug smashing a policeman's face in with a club was worthy of coverage along with a bunch of Muslim protestors burning paper poppies. Jimmy of course just had to add his own tuppence (sorry, two cents') worth: "OUR poppy, you dullard, is not about the Middle East". Well, that's all those grieving widows of soldiers killed in Iraq given a telling, Jimmy. Nothing like respecting our heroic armed forces on Remembrance Day, eh? Maybe the "death threats" Jimmy claims to have received have come from angry squaddies who don't like being told their dead mates don't matter by a Yankee creep sitting on his arse cheerleading for terrorists.

At least this year the police took a firm line against the armed thugs who planned to disrupt the commemorations. I await Jimmy's howls of protest at the arrest of these poor white darlings who wanted to do nothing more sinister than beat up some leftists and burn down their tents. Committing arson and assault on Church of England property while normal people commemorated dead soldiers: what a wonderful defence of English values from the EDL.

Jimmy's mates over at barenakedislam are furious about this, of course, so no doubt Jimmy will soon be following their lead as in everything else. Of course, the white supremacists at BNI believe that it was the EDL who caused the government to ban Muslims Against Crusades a few days ago (Earth to morons: the British government isn't run by fascist mobs yet however much you might wish it).