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Friday, November 11, 2011

President Obama demonstrates that he is no more moral then al-Qaeda (and has less savvy PR advisors)

With Uncle Jimmy's comments about how human rights are for everyone ringing in my ears, I link to a thought-provoking recent piece at Loonwatch on the extrajudicial murder of Anwar al-Awlaki. Not a nice chap, to be sure, but for the US government to be assassinating its own citizens rather than attempting to bring them to justice is surely not something to be encouraged. Sending a hit squad to bump off Osama was poor form, though at least OBL had freely confessed to crimes which would have earned him the death penalty in the US anyway. AAA was guilty only of cheerleading for terror, and if that marked him out for death I breathlessly await the first IS drone strike on Benyamin Netanyahu ([/irony])

Seriously: if being an American citizen doesn't get you access to even the most basic kind of US justice, what is the point of US citizenship? What is the point of America if a President courting popular acclaim can over-ride all its constitutional safeguards in pursuit of the mythical "war" on "terror"?


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