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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maybe this is what he's trying to hide

Take a look at this from the guy now heading up the British Freedom Party.

Hmm. where have we seen that equation of white UK citizens with "the indigenous race" before? Who else believes that the country is (or indeed has been at any time since the 1970s) run by socialists? That we are being "over-run" by scrounging immigrants? That it's all the fault of left-wing intellectuals and the EU?

Why do you NEVER complain about the lies THESE people say about our police and our soldiers? Why do you never defend the British indigenous people? Why are you so pro these creatures – these debased inhuman ANIMALS (in my opinion)?

Yes, it's good old BlairSupporter (Uncle Jimmy) in a post on last year's Remembrance Day protest by Muslims Against Crusades.

And here he is in 2008:

We watched as little was done to force the incomers to conform. In fact the incomers had their umpteen languages catered for in order that they could claim our benefits.

Aside: in that same post Jimmy says "Right now in the USA presidential race there is a debate as to whether Barak Obama is still a Muslim (12% of both Democrats and Republicans think he still is)."

"Still" a Muslim? So to Jimmy it goes without saying that he was born a Muslim? Fruitcake alert.....

And he also says

"...individuals have to seek their own guidance on the validity of The Covenant (the WHAT? We do not use that kind of language in modern secular states. Send it back to the 7th century.)..."

which would come as a surprise to the Jerusalem Post (though of course Israel is neither secular nor modern: the country may be less than seventy years old but its theocratic code was old and tired in Jesus's time, let alone Muhammad's).


Sorry - where was I? Oh yes, Jimmy and our being over-run by (foreign - because WE ALL KNOW they can't be British) Muslims:

An issue which all the main political parties, shamefully, dare not mention, AT ALL. The growing, creeping Islamistisation of Britain (and the world) If it features at all, it will be obliquely, in the perennial Tory “tighten up the borders” plea, or the “stop immigration” calls of the British Nationalist Party or the “withdraw from the EU” mantra of the UK Independence Party. And even in these cases it is unlikely to be as prominent as the Guilty (political) Parties might wish it to be, if they were brave enough. All of these issues, policing borders, immigration, the EU are emblematic of the REAL and UNMENTIONABLE fears of many in this country. But, the BNP apart, possibly, you won’t hear it mentioned in local election leaflets.

....Muslim Sharia law already exists here in Great Britain, and is supported by state benefits....

So there you are: only UKIP and the BNP tell it like it is. Or now, evidently, the BFP. How long before Jimmy comes out and publicly begins to campaign for the BFP? Is that what he's trying to hide behind his brand-new initiates-only firewall?


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