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Monday, November 07, 2011

Lest We Forget

I'm sure we shall be hearing much over the next week from both BareNakedIslam and its useful idiot Uncle Jimmy (BlairSupporter) about wicked Muslims who don't respect the sacrifices of British soldiers and who burn poppies or whatever attention-seeking gesture they come up with this year.

Meanwhile, BNI respects soldiers thus. This "bastard" spent years risking hos life for the country BNI despises so much. And she/it is perfectly happy to give comment space to those who call for his murder.

Still, he's a Muslim now, so of course killing him is fine by BNI and its useful idiot (Jhimmi).

Desecration of war graves is fine too, provided they are those of Muslims. Drawing swastikas on them comes "not a moment too soon".

(And for all the whining that "Islam isn't a race so we can't be racists", take a look at this illiterate comment. It explicitly describes Muslims as a "sub-proto-proto-primate species" who "indulge in necrophilia gerontophilia, paedophilia, bestiality and are cannibalistic sodomizing inbred mass-murders (sic)", who "are not able to interact with humans on any level". Not at all racist, then,. Of course, BNI will have had something to say in response to that? (*Crickets*)

Here it calls for a mosque to be burned down.

Here its response to the burning down of a mosque is "Well, they can't say they weren't warned".

When vandals damages a college building in Britain because they mistook it for a mosque, BNI's reaction: "It's the thought that counts".

How about murdering or wounding Sikhs because you're too stupid to tell them apart from Muslims? (eg here or here) Well, a commenter responding to a post in which BNI describes a picture clearly shown a mix of Christians, Muslims and Sikhs among others as being a group of Muslims, had this to say:

June 29, 2011 at 7:59 PM

I know most of you are prots so I wouldn’t expect you to know what an Orthodox clergyperson looks like but the gentleman on the far right is a Christian…he is Orthodox. And I see a Sikh or two in there as well (Hint: Sikhs and Hindus wear turbans, not Muzzies.
Just want you to get it straight so that if you all go on a rampage in England or wherever, you won’t do what some stupid fundies did in AZ and kill a Sikh.

to which BNI replied:

June 29, 2011 at 8:54 PM

bishop, what’s a prot? Big deal, one Sikh got killed by someone thinking it was a muslim. Next?

("It's the thought that counts." Yeah, BNI's site is ALL about Islam, not promoting hatred of brown-skinned people who dress funny. Sure it is.)

When a suicide bomber in Nigeria murders 18 UN workers, what is BNI's response?

"Well, it is the UN, so who really cares?"

When one in Mogadishu murders ten Somalis, we get "Look on the bright side, folks, that’s 10 fewer Somali Muslims".

Meanwhile, BNI's solution to famine in Somalia? Compulsory sterilisation.

And one of its regular commenters recommends using chemical weapons on the Somalis to achieve this.

"The only aid we Westerners should even consider giving to Somalian muslims is the aerial spraying of sterilization agents over Somali population centers by aircraft."

Call me a traditionalist, but when I remember the sacrifices of British soldiers, particularly in the Second World War, it is with pride that they died fighting to protect their country from people with the attitudes that BNI exemplifies and Uncle Jimmy admores so much.


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