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Monday, November 07, 2011

Funding terrorists and witchfinders: Israel make excellent use of all that American aid

Israel's intelligence agency, Shin Bet, suggests (so far to no avail) that the Israeli government should withdraw state funding for terrorist training camps. As if. Don't they realise that's what Zionism is all about? No wonder the USA put Israel on a list of countries sponsoring terrorism, even if pressure from American Zionists persuaded the Americans to back down (surprise!)

Of course, nobody would argue that a state whose constitution prioritises one religious group over all others, which funds domestic and international terrorism and which locks up political dissidents and prevents their emigration even on expiry of their sentences: nobody could claim that such a state was a theocratic dictatorship. But perhaps if such a state were to use its state legal system to declare a woman guilty of witchcraft, that might make people think?

Yeah, right. As though that would get any coverage in the "anti-Semitic" Western press.


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