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Monday, November 07, 2011

Fake genocides, fake women

It's always amusing to see a far-right loon getting slapped about but when it's being done by a bunch of other far-right loons it's irresistible. Here we have swivel-eyed Islamophobe Pamela Geller being called on her crazy lies by Little Green Footballs, no less!

Mind you, crazed accusations of fake genocide are surprisingly common. There's a good one I encountered in a comment at BareNakedIslam but which a little Googling shows to be much more widespread, to wit that restricting the use of DDT because of its manifold dangers to human and animal life is a genocide of forty million people and thus far worse that Hitler's amateurish effort with the Jews. No, really.

The same commenter, incidentally, had this to say about votes for women:

"And while this may offend you, BNI, more women do tend to be Liberal: which is a perfect reason to refuse them all the right to vote. Heck, I told this last to my mother, and she agreed!"

BNI's response (bear in mind that BNI purports to be a woman):

"CB, not only does that not offend me, I agree with your mother. If women didn’t vote we wouldn’t have all the flaming liberals in office and all the entitlement whores who vote for them."

And this "woman" has the chutzpah (oh, yeah, she pretends to be Jewish too despite all her antisemitic posts) to criticise Islamic attitudes to women?


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