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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BareNakedIslam: hates Jews, loves terrorists

There's no pleasing some folk. Our favourite Nazi faux-Jewess at BareNakedIslam is saddened that a hundred-year-old Polish/Jewish bakery in Detroit is to close because nobody wants to buy its produce. This, apparently, shows that the "islamiization" of Detroit is nearly complete. Actually it just shows market forces at work: if you make stuff nobody wants, you go broke, even if you're Jewish. (Ain't reality a bitch?)

So when a similar Jewish bakery in Brooklyn is saved from going out of business, BNI will be pleased, right? DUH...of course not, because the people saving it are Muslims. BNI would rather a Jewish business went under than that an ex-employee who happens to be Muslim should save it. Jews who support keeping the business open are wicked "liberal Jews" (ie real Jews rather than fakes like BNI). Some of BNI's commenters (the ones who don't simply assume this is a wicked Mooslim plot to poison decent New York Jews) reckon Muslims are not allowed to eat kosher food. LOL! - the Q'uran explicitly permits it.

Still, maybe BNI was in a rush. After all, it had ads to run for a terrorist organisation (according to the FBI) as well as calling for the President of the USA to be tortured.


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