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Friday, November 18, 2011

As my employers would say: for the Journey

I recently bought One Night Stand by Therapy (on good solid 1970s vinyl). Listening to it for the first time in a few decades, I was struck by a song I remembered but couldn't for the life of me identify. It turned out to be a cover of Duncan Browne's Journey. Which raises the question, why did Duncan Browne never cross my radar before?

Here is the original, which starts well but gets rather over-produced by Mickie Most later on. I think I shall be seeking out some more Duncan Browne, though. A singer-songwriter even more neglected than Jackson C Frank? How can I resist?


At 18 November, 2011 07:51, Blogger Phil said...

I'm afraid if you missed "Journey" at the time, you'd pretty much missed Duncan Browne, at least as far as the radio and TV were concerned.

I loved that single, although for some reason I didn't actually buy it - one of those times when, as a kid, you really feel somebody's talking your language. Still do, if I'm honest. "Come up and see the world, it's like a ship going down" - !


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