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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Another great example of Uncle Jimmy's barefaced lying. The man has no shame whatsoever

I was looking through the archive and found this gem of a quote from Uncle Jimmy buried in one of his interminable pieces on how the BBC is full of wicked pro-Muslim, pro-Communist, anti-Christian, anti-semitic, anti-Blair, anti-British, anti-white, anti-fascist nonsense (translation: they don't invite him onto their programmes to spread hate speech).

KB: Zahed Amanullah said it’s an example of another significant development over the last decade - the ease with which extremists on all sides can now make their voices heard.

(WHAT? extremists on ALL sides? And now they really have some fun, shifting goalposts and blaming the internet for this extremism on “ALL sides”. How many websites do you find suggesting Christianity or Judaism should take over the world? That Muslims must convert or die? How many times do you see Christian or Jewish sites saying such as “kill the Muslim infidels”? How many indiscriminate suicide bombings of Muslims by non-Muslims have you been encouraged to take part in recently, via web invite?)

Well, Jimmy, ever since you were kind enough to link (several times) to BareNakedIslam it's trivially easy for your readers to find one site ticking every single box there (except that the indiscriminate bombing of Muslims it encourages is not of the suicidal kind).

And Jimmy posted three links to that BNI white supremacist site in the month before writing the incredible remark above, the last of them a mere five days before.

And Jimmy tells us in that same post that the BBC are in denial because they refer to the suicide bomb attack on Coptic Christians as the worst for over a decade. For Jimmy, this is rubbish, it's only the worst in just over a year but the BBC have chosen to forget the 2009 attack.

Two points of bias and/or strange representation/misrepresentation of the facts, just in these two opening sentences.

One, it wasn’t the deadliest for “many years”. It was the deadliest since Christmas LAST year. In more accurate words – the deadliest in twelve months. (And last Christmas’s attack had been the deadliest in a decade.)

Er, wrong again, Jimmy. The BBC are well aware of the earlier attack, but one killing 21 people is by most people's standards worse than one killing only six. Hell's teeth, Yolande Knell poins that out in a BBC report Jimmy quotes in his post:

Just one year ago there was this attack on Christians that was then the worst in a decade, That was in Nagaa Hammadi to the north of Luxor in southern Egypt, and six Christians were killed and one Muslim security guard when there was a drive-by shooting after worshippers came out of church from mass on Christmas Eve.

Don't take the BBC's word for it though. Here are some more of our biased communist media: the Independent and the Guardian.

Honestly, to laugh at Jimmy sometimes feels like mocking the mentally handicapped. The man isn't in need of therapy, he needs a a full-time carer.


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