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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You can judge people's commitment to democracy by the way they treat (or would like to treat) peaceful protestors

I've been watching the various protests around the world inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protestors. I liked the Canon of St Paul's Cathedral coming out and basically telling the police to move along and stop bothering the guys sitting on his steps.

Of course, as any number of Syrians and Iranians could tell you, peaceful protests just move some folk to a murderous rage. Take American conservative fundraiser Nathan Wurtzel, who tweeted that his plan to clear the street would involve running a few of the protestors down with a car.

Or the proprietor of the BareNakedIslam hate site, who called for a Kent State solution. When a commenter expressed shock, she/it replied

CC, we don’t have to agree on everything. They are the enemy.

And a little further down the comment thread someone calling himself "Ret. Marine" informs us all (in an incoherent and mis-spelled comment) that the National Guard at KSU had been fired on first by the students they killed (though of course the "left-leaning media" covered that up). Funny how not even the National Guardsmen themselves knew about that: at least they never mentioned it in their defence. To RM the protest was organised by the "Black House (formerly the White House)" (ooh, no, no racists here....).