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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some People Say We Monkey around

While looking for a video clip to accompany "Pleasant Valley Sunday" in my current 25 First Lines quiz (and then looking further to find - eventually - one where the sound and vision were synchronised) I found this. One of my favoourite Monkees songs, penned by Mike Nesmith, and illustrated by a clip from the TV series which sums up the whole zany surreal Monkees thing. Nothing to do with the song lyrics but huge fun.

And I was going to post "Little Bit Me, Little Bit You". Like "I'm A Believer" it was written for the Monkees by Neil Diamond, but unlike "I'm A Believer" ND never recorded it himself. Or so I thought: I found this live version from 1967. Sound quality poor but hey, it's great to hear it done by the Master's Voice.


At 23 October, 2011 16:20, Blogger Persephone said...

Michael Nesmith was indeed a talented songwriter (as an unrelated aside, did you know his mother invented "Liquid Paper"?), and as silly and derivative as the show could be, they certainly picked some of the best tune-smiths to provide the music. My particular favourite was "Some Time in the Morning" written by none either than Carole King.

At 23 October, 2011 16:34, Blogger Rob said...

Goffin & King wrote "Pleasant Valley Sunday" too, as well as the "Porpoise Song" (used in the opening of the Monkees' very odd film "Head".


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