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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red Hot and Dutch

My blog was once vividly described as a mixture of "music and outrage", which is probably not too far from the truth, though I like to think there is plenty of humour as well.

Anyway, I've had a week without much blogging as I've been in Ballater, where I don't have wi-fi (unless an incautious neighbour leaves an insecure link open) and where the mobile signal for my dongle is only 2G, hence slow. We've begun investigating what it would cost to get broadband installed, so maybe before long I'll be able to blog as freely from my Heiland Hame as from my lowland one.

I have a list as long as your arm (if you're a giant squid) of things to blog about: musical clips, a new first lines quiz, plenty more outrage, and various excellent point-and-laugh examples (culled from several months and bookmarked away) of both Uncle Jimmy's idiocy and various right-wing racists' craziness. And still, of course, I haven't finished my reviews of things I saw in the Festival. I'll need to get on with that as the autumn gig season is nearly upon us: I'm going to see Focus and Arthur Brown next Friday.

You might remember Focus: Dutch band from the 1970s, had two big UK hits with "Hocus Pocus" and "Sylvia".

You might even remember Arthur Brown (and like me you may have assumed he was long-retired if not dead). The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown had one hit: this one.

And I've just found this cover version of "Hocus Pocus", by Iron Maiden of all people!


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