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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One law for BlairSupporter, and one for everyone else

While searching in vain for any comment by Tony Blair on that boring job stuff some people expect him to do between speaking tours and blocking corruption investigations into Saudi arms deals, I spotted the current post over at Uncle Jimmy's House of Fun.

First of all, let me say that I have never found The Comic Strip, or any of its constituent members, remotely funny, so it's hardly a shock that I decided that The Hunt For Tony Blair sounded as funny as a power failure in a premature baby ward.

Nor do I have any time for those who consider death threats a valid response to political disagreement. Even if BlairSupporter (aka Uncle Jimmy) exaggerates wildly over the "death threat" ("I genuinely believe the world would be a better place if you were no longer in it") it is, I agree, the thought that counts.

Jimmy tells us:

I only write about this to let people know that there are people out there who wish an early death for those with whom they disagree.

Well, we knew that, Jimmy, because several of them post and comment regularly at your favourite American racist blog BareNakedIslam. I posted earlier today about BNI's yearning to have the Occupy Wall Street protestors gunned down in cold blood. Well, one of her/its commenters, on a post about how Palestinians are "laying claim to Bethlehem" (it's in the Occupied West Bank and not even Netanyahu claims it's part of Israel) states:

Best case scenario, we have we get another Baruch Goldstein to go on a little “spree” and a crusade to wipe out the dirty Arabs. Worse case, which is most likely, nothing happens and everyone will cave into them. Well, we can hope for the first one!

So that's a call for a repetition of a terrorist act of mass murder against civilians - because, you know, these wicked "Arabs" disagree with the commenter over where Israel's borders are. And what about all the rest of the world which agrees with them?

Returning to BareNakedIslam's supposedly-female, supposedly-Jewish administrator, she/it had this to say when Jon Stewart of the Daily Show made fun of Switzerland's ban on minaret building:

Add him to the list of liberal slugs whose beheading I look forward to seeing on YouTube.

That's right. For coming out with a piece of comedy BNI didn't like, Jon Stewart is to be beheaded.

And in case you think I'm cherry-picking one isolated instance, here is BNI again, this time disagreeing with New York's Mayor Bloomberg over the arrangements for commemorating September 11th:

Rudy would never do this. He organized the big event at Yankee Stadium right after 9/11 and had plenty of clergy who participated and all of the NYPD and FDNY who could be there. Bloomberg is having politicians instead. I want to see him beheaded on Youtube.

Or perhaps you'd prefer her/its measured response to Rae Abileah, a Member of Code Pink who led a demonstration calling for a boycott of Ahava cosmetics (sold as "Israeli" but actually illegal settlement goods):

Rae Abileah, a member of the movement who took part in the protest, said they are leading an international campaign against the company’s products, in protest of their production in the “occupied Palestinian territory”.

The demonstrators were able to shut down the Ahava store in the hotel for an entire day, which prompted them to push forward with the campaign in the United States. (The bitches should be locked up with the terrorists in Gitmo and tortured) In the past month, the women also demonstrated at Tel Aviv’s centennial celebrations in Central Park in New York City, as well as outside a cosmetics conference held in Los Vegas two weeks ago.

She said they had entered cosmetics stores and handed the managers letters with factual information on Ahava’s production process, and demanded they stop selling these products, since it is against the Geneva Convention. (This is one broad whose beheading would be welcome all around the world )

So hey, double score: first she/it calls for her/its political opponents to be tortured, then for them to be beheaded.

Or if wishing for opponents' violent death is insufficiently exciting, how about wishing to see Paris Hilton being genitally mutilated? Simply because you believe her to have converted to Islam?

February 19, 2011 at 7:54 PM
Thank our lucky stars that Paris Hilton recently converted to islam and plans to open a center in Beverly Hills.

February 19, 2011 at 8:05 PM
Annie,I heard that its Buddhism not Islam she converted to. I was so hoping to see her FGM procedure on YouTube.

Of course, if you happen to be a Muslim BNI wants you to be murdered:

Islam is being spit on as people learn what an evil cult it is. I look forward to when Muslims are being slaughtered en masse.

In the same comment thread, she/it replies to a commenter called "Pastor Tim" who complains that she is telling malicious lies about Islam (NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!):

Don’t lie to us Tim, we know your name is Imam Tim. Otherwise you are a left wing moron. I look forward to seeing your beheading on video.

Finally, here is BNI on someone who doesn't share her view that the Oslo massacre was the fault of liberal leftists who had it coming:

I can’t wait to see this idiot getting beheaded on YouTube. He’s a leftie loon who kisses the asses of Muslims and thinks Obama is a Christian.

Well, there you are. If you believe Barack Obama is a Christian then BNI wants to watch you being beheaded. Uncle Jimmy, as a good little birther who believes Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, is safe there.

Anyway, Jimmy, here's the thing. You say:

I only write about this to let people know that there are people out there who wish an early death for those with whom they disagree.

We should know these people exist. They are a real problem. Frequently of the peace ‘n’ love anti-war sort – [I know, I know - priceless isn't it?] – they often exude hatred from every pore when someone disagrees with them, even when supplied with indisputable facts.

So let's see you disowning this "real problem" of BareNakedIslam and her/its crazy lust for videoed beheadings. Because right now on your site it says:

There’s a site called Bare Naked Islam. It is single-minded in its niche; single-mindedly anti-Islam. And it makes no bones about it – it is anti-Muslim too.

Some might take exception to such a site, or even to my linking to it. Tough. While the British liberal press seems to ignore these sorts of stories for fear of upsetting good, honest, law-abiding Muslims, and while they continue to hunt down Tony Blair as though he is the world’s most wanted escaped criminal, I will find room for the stories at Bare Naked Islam.

So put up or shut up. Either stop cheerleading for those who call for the beheading (or torture, or genital mutilation) of those with whom they disagree, or quit whingeng when you come on the receiving end. There is a third way, I suppose: do neither and be exposed forever as a loathsome hypocrite who is happy to countenance the deaths of Muslims, "liberals" or "leftists" but screams blue murder when faced with someone who believes you do not add value to the world. If that is your response, then surely your Twitterer will have been proved right in his or her "genuine belief".


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