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Sunday, October 23, 2011

On their records to date, Blair is far more of a threat to world peace than Iran

It will come as no surprise that when Tony Blair begins cheerleading for another war to effect regime change with which he can be personally associated (thank f**k we changed HIS regime while we had the chance) his loyal little acolyte Uncle Jimmy falls instantly into step behind him. Of course, Jimmy is incapable of restraining his contempt for these awful brown people with their funny non-Christian religions. Like the hate-filled white supremacists at BareNakedIslam he loves so deeply, he refers to Muslims (and anyone who fails to hate them as he does) as "moon-god worshippers". Sweet. That's like saying Christians worship a dead Jew on a stick. Tony Blair (with his Faith Foundation) must be so proud of this American zero dragging his name through the mud.

And how dreadful that deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq were caused by "locals". It's terrible how these fuzzy-wuzzies fail to appreciate the benefits of Western civilisation (TM) and try to defend their countries against invasion.


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