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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nicht so kleine

At last, a version of my blog's namesake piece with all four movements (previously the only versions available omitted the slow movement, which I hope you will agree was a sad loss.

So here we have Peter Schickele's wonderful Eine Kleine Nichtmusik, in full:


At 07 October, 2011 22:28, Anonymous Fried Mahooga said...

I'm going to be horribly pedantic here. I did German at university and have lived in the country for the best part of a decade.
The title of your piece should be "nicht so klein". You only use the adjective "kleine" before feminine (and sometimes plural) nouns in the nominative and accusative cases.
Admittedly, the German language is, as Mark Twain said, "awful". :)

At 10 October, 2011 09:04, Anonymous Phil said...

They say that's how you can tell a true classic - it's full of passages that are so familiar they sound like quotations.

At 15 October, 2011 07:53, Blogger Rob said...

Fried Mahooga - as the "kleine" (a) refers to the feminine "Musik" in either Mozart's "Nachtmusik" or Schickele's "Nichtmusik", and (b) is part of the compound proper name of a piece of music in both cases, I would say your point is moot.

You're not connected with "Uncle Jimmy" of keeptonyblairforpm, are you? When I commented elsewhere as EineKleineRob (in what normal people interpret as a reference to my blog title) he first complained that I should use "EineKleineRobe" (incorrect on so many levels) and then hauled in a supposedly native German-speaking sock puppet to tell me I should use EinKleinRob (which would at least make sense, though as usual with Jimmy missed the point completely).

At 15 October, 2011 08:29, Blogger Rob said...

Fried - sorry not to have recognised the name and to have almost tarnished it by association with BlairSupporter! Perils of posting when fresh from bed..... Good to see you here.

At 18 October, 2011 02:24, Anonymous Fried Mahooga said...

Rob - glad that you have recognized that I am not connected to Uncle Jimmy. I came across that waste of oxygen once on Facebook where he spectacularly lost an argument about Weapons of Mass Destruction through not actually knowing much about weapons of mass destruction at all.

I meant no offence by my post. As stated above, I, along with Mark Twain, hate German grammar for its complexity. But having worked in translation after years of correcting texts, I was just pointing out that you would only use "kleine" if you had a noun immediately following it. If it's just on its own, the adjective ending falls away. This holds true whatever the gender of the noun they refer to, e.g. "Der Mann/ die Frau / das Kind ist nicht so klein". That's all - and I'm sorry if it irritated you.

Having said that, I don't know what Uncle Jimmy (or his allegedly German friend) is talking about. "Eine kleine Rob" would be grammatically correct if we assume "Rob" to be feminine. Else if you want to make it masculine (nominative case) it would be "ein kleiner Rob" or in the neuter form "ein kleines Rob" (nominative and accusative cases).

At 23 October, 2011 00:36, Blogger Rob said...

Fried Mahooga - no offence taken, I assure you!


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