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Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's a funny kind of patriotism that hopes its country will be defeated

While there are of course some who consider that no non-Christians (excepting Jews, of course) should be allowed to represent the USA in the Olympics (the boat sailed long ago on banning blacks) I think this story shows the best of America. You go, girl. (Well, unless the UK has any medal hopes in women's sabre....)

You have to love the "patriotism" of the folk at BareNakedIslam who would rather see an American defeated than see a Muslim on the podium. And their ignorance, that they imagine Muslim women to be banned from sport. Because, you know, winning Olympic gold medals clearly counts for nothing. And this of course is just a sign of British "dhimmitude", right? And the biggest motor racing star in Iran couldn't be a woman, could it?

Of course, maybe the folk at BNI are a bunch of ignorant racist horses' asses. that might explain it all.

Good luck, Ibtihaj Muhammad, when you visit our shores next year.


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