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Saturday, October 22, 2011

And let's not kid ourselves that the most dangerous dogmatists are religious ones

Returning to this week's news, the antiscience pressure group Greenpeace won a significant legal victory this week when a European court upheld their complaint against a German scientist, Oliver Brüstle, in which they claimed that his work in creating healthy brain cells from embryonic stem cells was "contrary to public order". Or possibly "against Biblical law": it's hard to tell the difference between varieties of dogmatic science-hating weirdo when they take their hats off. What this means is that while we Europeans could (if we were stupid) continue to fund medical research into cures for dementia, blindness, paralysis and other conditions, the ability to translate this research into actual treatments has now been offshored. Result, Greenpeace: less medical research and fewer drugs, so more deaths from avoidable diseases. Less money wasted on saving human beings that could go towards saving the whales, and fewer people in future to clutter up the planet and contribute to anthropogenic climate change. Plus the drugs that are produced will increasingly come from places where there are few if any safeguards surrounding the origins of the embryos used, such as India and China where selective abortion of female embryos for social reasons is not uncommon. Well, if your goal is to return humanity to the Stone Age I suppose gender equality is the first thing to go.

Some things don't change. Even some lifelong Greens have got fed up with Greenpeace's lies. Here is a good example of their disconnectedness from reality. And here is a devastating critique of the whole antinuclear, antiscience bandwagon from which so many people are making so much money while the planet is slowly destroyed.

If alert readers suspect that I would not be unhappy if each and every supporter of Greenpeace simply "softly and silently vanished away" through the exertions of a cosmic Boojum, then I must confess that the prospect would delight me. If Uncle Jimmy wishes to paint that as a death threat, he is welcome to do so, though of course it is no such thing.

And of course these pieces of shit are worse, and still floating about. Watson's terrorist antics are too much even for Greenpeace to tolerate.


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