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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Over-egging the pudding

Last thing on Uncle Jimmy for today.....

Jimmy continues, as you would expect, to blow Tony Blair's trumpet for him (though the man himself is a far better PR trumpeter than Jimmy could ever aspire to be).

On Thursday he quoted Alan Stevens from a company called (revealingly) "Communication, PR and Reputation Management" who recently made a speech on all the good parts of Blair's legacy we should remember instead of all that tedious "war on terror" stuff that nobody really cares about. And yes, Blair did some good, or his government did at least (kmowing that Scottish devolution was pushed through by Donald Dewar in spite of Blair's attempts to sabotage it, one wonders how many of the other good things were simply "eye-catching initiatives with which I can be personally associated" rather than something for which the Great Pretender had any responsibility at all).

But Jimmy can't leave it at that. Oh no. Alan Stevens didn't go nearly far enough in fawning adulation of Toe-Nibbler. Jimmy accuses him of not wanting to know about "terrorist stuff" and "nasty foreign stuff", and then lists several other achievements that Stevens should have included. I haven't gone through them all, but at least one does appear in Stevens' list ("free nursery places for every three and four-year-old") while another is simply untrue ("employment at its highest level ever"). Yes, under Blair the percentage of those in the labour market employed climbed to 95%, but under the previous Labour government (Jimmy likes to pretend the real Labour party never ran the country and that politics began with Margaret Thatcher) it was as high as 96.5% - maybe more, as the graphs I could readily find only go back to 1971.

It's a small point, perhaps, but I think Jimmy devalues the real achievements (few though they were) of the Blair administration by lying about them. Telling falsehoods to make Tony Blair look better is a job best left to the man himself: nobody does it better, after all.


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