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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Once again, why was Tony Blair in Paris at a meeting on Libya when he's being paid to work on Israel/Palestine?

When it comes to inability to understand plain English, Jimmy's "response" to Jon Snow's remarks in the Twitter exchange, to wit:

jonsnowC4Jon Snow
Glimpsed in the UK Ambassador’s garden in Paris during last week’s Libya summit: Tony Blair. What was he doing there?

jonsnowC4Jon Snow
@waggers5 Very hard to see what’capacity building’ on West Bank has to do with a meeting about the future of Libya

is to do a big blog post on all the wonderful work TB is doing to try to restart peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Well, yes, Jimmy, he's working hard on Israel/Palestine: so - to repeat Jon Snow's reasonable question - why was he in Paris for a meeting about Libya, a country with which his last official involvement was when he was PM?

(Presumably this is Jimmy' s American sense of geography showing through, imagining that Libya is in the "Middle East" and that as it's full of Muslims it's just the same as Palestine. His pals over at BNI want all the "Muhanimals" dead anyway.)

Funny that TB is sticking his nose back into Libya just as Wikileaks has published details of his government's cosy deals with Gaddafi over "rendition" of political prisoners to be tortured there. (I notice when Mark G made a similar remark in that Twitter exchange Jimmy prints what he claims was a response to it. Actually it was a reply to a differemt tweet by someone else altogether:

@MarkGG50 Mark G
@blairsupporter @JuliesThinkTank @DHewson @rob_marchant What dealings will be exposed of MI5 and MI6 information given to gadaffi ? In 2005

To which, this response -

lukeakehurstLuke Akehurst
@DHewson @JuliesThinkTank @rob_marchant @blairsupporter what exactly is your evidence for that rather trite and hyperbolic assertion?

though it's clearly the response Jimmy would like someone to have made to Mark G. Of course, WE ALL KNOW that Jimmy is unbiased and truthful on everything concerning TB....(:-)>


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