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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life imitates satire

The Daily Mash had this a few days ago.

The theorists fall into two distinct camps, with one group claiming that 9-11 happened many years ago, possibly as early as 1922, and another group claiming the event happened in 2007.

And here is BareNakedIslam, End Times loony, white supremacist and Islamophobe at large (at least until the FBI catch up with her/its calls for arson and beheadings), seemingly under the impression that "The day that America was Forever Changed" was 9/11/2011. LOL!

Mind you, what do you expect from someone who includes the hijackers among the count of "victims" in the destruction of the WTC? I guess that;s what happens when you rely on Fox for all your news coverage.....


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