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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

House of prayer v den of robbers

May I add a couple of observations to the controversy surrounding the spectacularly-misnamed "Ground Zero Mosque"?

Firstly, that if I had lost loved ones in the WTC on 11 September 2001 I would be more affronted by the decision to build an office block - a temple to commerce, if you will - a scant hundred feet or so from the site of the atrocity than by the proposal to enlarge an existing Islamic centre - a place of worship - about half a mile away.

And secondly, if it is held by some Christian and Jewish extremists to be insensitive to have an Islamic Centre almost within sight of the WTC, how insensitive must it seem to the families and friends of the 31 Muslims murdered in the WTC (or indeed of other non-Christian victims) to have a Christian cross erected not simply near the site but slap in the middle of it?


At 07 September, 2011 15:36, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Right now the Republican party is driven by the Christian fringe, we are having problems getting congress to do anything because of the radicals that refuse to compromise. They probably took over the memorial stuff because they are a small minority but very vocal.


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