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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What utter hypocrisy

This is a bit rich, coming as it does from our old friend Uncle Jimmy. (And relating to our other occasional Zionist troll, Stan.)

For those of you who wonder why I post criticisms of this racist, homophobic buffoon on my site rather than as comments on his own, it isn't simply that more people are likely to read then here. It is that over a year ago now I suffered the fate of all who dare to criticise Jimmy and was banned from his site.

Will Index On Censorship act?

My failure to know my place and cease all criticism of the faux-British fool once he censored me has led to his terming me an "Internet stalker". Mind you, he thinks BareNakedIslam is a reliable source of factual information so I'm not too bothered about his opinion.

FWIW neither Stan nor Jimmy is banned from this site, though Jimmy has been warned that I will take down his comments unless they make him look sufficiently idiotic. I don't think I've had to delete any yet!