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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well I looked at my watch, I looked at my wrist....

....and realised how many times we look at our watches ever day without being aware of it. yesterday, at 07:25, my wristwatch decided that it had run out of electricity and would like some more. I figured if it had to go in to have a new battery (and the only place in Edinburgh that does that while you wait is really inconveniently located) I might as well take the opportunity to get a new glass put in as well. I wear my watch on the inside of my wrist, a habit I acquired as a student. Partly, if I'm honest, as one of those posy things students do, and partly because at the time I played guitar and sang quite a lot (mostly not to paying audiences) and having the watch that way round meant I could look at it without having to stop. The drawback is that in these keyboard-laden days the glass tends to get scratched on desktops. Mine had reached the stage where I could still read the time but no longer bothered to adjust the date for 30-day months as I couldn't read it anyway.

Anyway, yes, spending much time looking at my wrist. Fortunately the trusty iPhone tells me the time. Or, as now, the trusty Windows sidebar.


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