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Monday, August 29, 2011

Take that final step.....

In view of Uncle Jimmy's paranoia craziness confusion over the BBC's description of a video from one location as being from another, it may help him to abjure the racist filth of BareNakedIslam if he notes that she/it too is not averse to labelling a video clearly referring to Rochdale (in case he needs help with British geography, that's in north-west England, something a Brit would instantly realise from the provenance of the report from Granada television) as relating to London. (Oh, and as for the "unrelated court case in the Midlands", London isn't in the Midlands either. Thought I'd better clear that up.)

Ready to disavow those wicked extremists calling for the murder of their opponents and systematically practising taqqiya yet, Jimmy?


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