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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sharia Contains Nuts

It was my birthday last Wednesday, and though Vanessa was away (she's just come through the door as I type, having returned from Mallorca for a job interview) the rest of us (me, Hilary, Ruairidh and Hilary's mother) had a delightful evening at Hanam's Kurdish and Middle Eastern restaurant. Recommended for food, atmosphere and good value. While they don't serve alcohol, they happily bring you a corkscrew and glasses free of charge if you bring in a bottle. We took a bottle of Rioja which my employers had recently given me as part of a thank-you present for my work on a particular project.

I had the Baly Merishke followed by the Qozy Lamb, finishing up with Sharia and a cappucino. Hilary had Baba Ghanoush, Merishke Kebab, Mahalbi and a cappucino. All great. We will definitely be back, probably with Vanessa in tow as there are plenty of veggie options.

As a further selling-point for Hanam's, eating there guarantees that you won't be sharing a restaurant with racist imbeciles like those at BareNakedIslam (here is BNI her/itself on Muslims (more accurately, those she thinks look like Muslims) in restaurants).


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