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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Riots and Responses

Like most people I've been watching the TV footage of the riots in London, and subsequently elsewhere, with mounting horror. What began as a peaceful demonstration against a police shooting was first hijacked and then escalated in a crazy way. I'm glad there seems to be plenty of good CCTV footage which should help the police catch a lot of the perps, but that's no consolation when your flat has been burned out, or someone in your family murdered.

The police have been criticised for being slow to act, but one must remember that the riots very quickly spread over a large geographical area, and the combination of looting and arson streched then to the limit.

So who is to blame?

David Starkey, as we have seen, blames it all on "whites becoming black" and adopting such features of black culture as hip-hop and torching furniture showrooms.

James Delingpole, in an article praising Starkey to the heavens for his honesty, declares that "Like the Guardian – and the Labour party – the BBC created the culture that led to these riots".

Likewise, Uncle Jimmy blames the riots on the "moaning, politically correct press", "left-wing literati" and "liberal loony pressure groups". To his Daily Mail-addled mind, "human rights/civil rights/rights/rights/rights" are to blame. Still, I had wondered whether his delay in finding anything to say about the riots on what he stubbornly pretends is his doorstep was a result of the annoying absence of Muslims to pin them on. (In the same way as he has so far said not one word about the greatest terrorist murder of the year, presumably because it was carried out by a fellow fan of Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Melanie Phillips.) In a comment, though, he clutches gratefully at the straw offered by Starkey and blames it all on the blacks, of whatever skin colour. Once again the I-haven't-a-trace-of-racism-in-my-DNA pose is shredded by his actual attitude.

Let's move across the Atlantic, to Jimmy's favourite American fellow-travellers at BareNakedIslam. "There’s a site called Bare Naked Islam. It is single-minded in its niche; single-mindedly anti-Islam. And it makes no bones about it – it is anti-Muslim too. Some might take exception to such a site, or even to my linking to it. Tough. While the British liberal press seems to ignore these sorts of stories for fear of upsetting good, honest, law-abiding Muslims, and while they continue to hunt down Tony Blair as though he is the world’s most wanted escaped criminal, I will find room for the stories at Bare Naked Islam."

So just remember that as long as the British press is insufficiently Islamophobic for Jimmy's taste, and fails to fall into line with his cheer-leading for the Bush/Blair disater in Iraq, Jimmy is a supporter of these guys (I have a number of posts on BNI lined up, showing things which would have embarrassed anyone with a normal moral compass, or indeed any sense of right and wrong, into abject disavowal. Not our Jimmy.) Jimmy continues to post comments there, for example equating being gay with being left-wing.)

BNI, inevitably, blames the riots on "blacks and Muslims" and claims that there has been a media cover-up to hide this. She/it celebrates - there is no other word - the murder of three Muslims by a hit-and-run driver because he was black. (And the Muslims couldn't be "martyrs" because they died trying to protect their families' shops, oh no: "Why are the 3 dead Muslims considered martyrs? They didn't kill any Jews.") Of course, for BNI, "Muslims vow revenge". How unfortunate that even in the article she/it quotes, the father of one of the dead "urged people not to seek revenge". How sad that thousands of people of all faiths turned out for a peace rally today in Birmingham. How sad, in short, that reality is utterly at odds with BNI's racist agenda. How sad that Uncle Jimmy still believes that her/its whacked-out End Times conspiracy theories are the unvarnished truth.

(Why do I refer to BNI as "she/it"? Because I don't believe "her" purported gender any more than I believe "her" purported Jewishness. The BNI site contains some of the most viciously anti-female and anti-Semitic material I have ever encountered.)

So there you are. Britain would be safe from riots forever if only all the wicked leftists, journalists, and people of non-white skin colour could be locked up / expelled / murdered. Which is pretty much the policy of the BNP and their Euronazi chums already.

If I have a wish, it is that the attempts by the ultra-right wing racists to exploit the riots for their own wholly selfish purposes receives the two-fingered (British!) gesture they deserve.


At 17 August, 2011 20:02, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Come on, we all know it was the white blacks that caused it all. (or was it the black whites? I'm confused)


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