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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The past is a foreign station

A friend of mine posted a Facebook link to this site of Ghost Station Tube Maps. I was familiar witht he idea of ghost stations: the ones that closed long ago and now can just be glimpsed in the wash of light from the carriages as you pass through them. This site provides a comprehensive list and a lot of additional information about the stations. (You may need a magnifying glass or some jiggery-pokery to enlarge the images.) What struck me, though was how many have closed since I lived in London. Take Aldwych, for example, on the Piccadilly Line. this was at the end of a spur from Holborn, the station I used every day when I commuted by tube and pretty often when I didn't, as it was only a hundred yards or so from my work. I remember going on a training course for something or other that was based at Aldwych, so I spent a few days actually using the Aldwych shuttle. And now it;s gone. However, I discover from the tiny print that the Kinks made a video there. For a song I didn't even know!


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