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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nemo nos impune lacessit and don't you forget it, pal

I see that while we in Scotland have been spared the worst excesses of the English Defence League's neo-Nazi thuggery, we have home-grown racists who don't wish to be outdone.

While the "Scottish Defence League" have been banned from holding a "9/11" march beginning outside the US Consulate on September 10th (it seems they are calendrically challenged, poor dears) they evidently intend to challenge the ban in court (let them waste their money, I say) and also to hold an illegal "static protest" instead. I wonder if the police in Edinburgh can get hold of those water cannon that are being made available now......

Then again, maybe they should just have been allowed to go ahead and make fools of themselves. After all, their protest was on the wrong day, and would have gone from the US Consulate to Princes Street, well away from the Edinburgh mosque which one might have expected to be its target. Oh well.


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