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Friday, August 19, 2011

Music Time

A few musical clips for light relief. Here are Tuvan marvels Huun-Huur-Tu with an especially catchy piece of throat-singing:

Here is one of the Scarlatti sonatas I so enjoyed when Melvyn Tan played them on Monday. It sounds more Romantic on the piano, perhaps, but I still like this music best on the harpsichord. Astonishing stuff.

And here's another that Melvyn Tan did. Apparently this one is pretty well-known, though not to me.

Strange to think that music that sounds (especially on a piano) as though it could almost have been penned by, say, Schumann was actually a harking-back by Scarlatti to an already-outmoded style of keyboard writing. What goes around comes around.

And here, finally, is a wonderfully silly piece by Bohuslav Martinu.


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