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Sunday, August 14, 2011


My mother-in-law, rather to our surprise, has just bought a kitten. She (the kitten) is 12 weeks old and is called Phoebe: apparently she (Audrey) and Hilary went through a list of operatic heroines, so she might have ended up as Turandot, Brunnhilde, Julietta or even Katisha. (Sorry.)

Here is Phoebe photographed after purchase but before being collected:

And here she is on Audrey's lap, being a bit unsure about all these people and cameras and stuff:

Phoebe has been very well-behaved since arriving back in Edinburgh (she was bought in Ballater, where her brother lives in the same block as our flat). She dashes around and chews things - she's a kitten FGS - but she sleeps through the night, uses the cat litter, and happily curls up on Audrey's lap (having such a soporific effect on my mother-in-law that it send HER to sleep).

No doubt there will be more kitten stories and pictures to come on the blog.


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