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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Keep up the good work, apprentice racist

Somehow I don't think Uncle Jimmy will be posting about Tony Blair's eminently sensible view of the recent riots any time soon. He prefers to copy an article by some journo living in Sofia (so clearly an expert on the British). Why? Because it blames the riots on blacks and Asians, that's why. The Bulgarian hack reckons that the reason there were no riots in places like Newcastle and Edinburgh is that we're more "homegenous" (i.e white). And he loves David Starkey's pathetic recent diatribe.

Elsewhere in his post, in the bits not entirely lifted from a Bulgarian blog, Jimmy shows that he is learning the art of dissimulation (perhaps we should call it "taqqiya") from his mentor BareNakedIslam. He posts a photograph (which looks distinctly staged for the camera and apparently comes from someone's Twitter feed) of a big scary black man watching as a white youth removes his trousers. The link is entitled "See TNT Magazine: London riots: civilians forded to strip". Apart from the obvious typo, that is indeed the title of the report at TNT magazine (whatever that is) where the picture appears. The accompanying text "Strip. I want your jeans too." is however pure Jimmy invention and appears nowhere in the article. And you know what else appears nowhere in the article, despite its title? Well, take a look.

Any suggestion that "civilians" (as opposed to what?) were being relieved of their clothes by rioters in London is wholly absent. The article refers only to "allegations on the Internet" that this happened in Birmingham, and makes it clear that the police have not confirmed this.

SO: a nice picture to make blacks look scary, some made-up dialogue to make blacks sound scary, allegations about blacks presented as fact, and Birmingham presented as London. Pretty good, Jimmy: soon you'll be up there with BNI who describes a planned Muslim conference as a planned Muslim hijacking.

Here's another example of his, er, selective reporting, from another crazed attack on the BBC:

"The BBC has an agenda which prevents it from mentioning anything which may make people conclude that Tony Blair was not such a bad guy."

Ahem: from the BBC news website on 21 August (i.e. four days before Jimmy's rant).

Yes, there they have a positive news story about Tony Blair: the one that Uncle Jimmy continues to ignore because it doesn't accord with his racist agenda (which he clearly views as more important than the views of the man he wishes was still PM).

It's hard to tell whether there is actually a point to Jimmy's diatribe unless it's that public service broadcasting is dreadful and the BBC should be shut down and replaced with unbiased coverage from Fox News. After all, that's where he gets all his news about Britain (along with American white supremacist sites and Bulgarian bloggers, of course).


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