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Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Still Standing

For some reason I forgot to post this when it happened a couple of weeks ago, but I've had a stay of execution as far as my job is concerned. We all had to reapply for our jobs back in December, and originally I failed to keep mine. I then plumped for voluntary redundancy rather than redeployment to something that might be a lot less suitable: I'm old enough to take my pension straight away and could look for contract work as well, so it was far from a disaster. I was given an end date of 31 October, meaning my notice would start on 1st August.

However, Lloyds Banking Group realised that as at that date they would have zero expertise left in a major system whose decommissioning would be non-trivial (no customer accounts left on it but all the back-office accounting for Bank of Scotland accounts happens there). Once I realised the risk had been identified I made waves in the hope of being kept on. (The guy who sits next to me and works on the same system had been approached but wasn't interested in staying on: his was a truly voluntary redundancy!)

Result: my end date indefinitely (for now) postponed. All good for the pension (more service, and the possibility of pay rises, bonuses etc) and puts off the need to go contracting for a bit. No new date yet but my unreliable guess is a year or so hence. But it could be much sooner, or much later. I'll still go on VR terms though, with a decent package. If I'd been going in October I would have foregone half of my redundancy payout to take my pension without a reduction for taking it four years early. But in a year's time the reduction will be less so the sums will look quite different. I might end up taking the full two years' salary as a lump and letting my pension be reduced a little.

The best thing, though, is that I get to carry on working with people I know and like, doing a job I know how to do for fairly decent money. Which can't be bad.