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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good News From The Hague

This is excellent news. While I have never doubted that the UK and USA were right to intervene to prevent genocide by the Serbians, I have never been under any illusion about the nastiness of the Kosovars. Innocent victims they weren't: the KLA were a bunch of terrorist thugs, and until it became clear that the Serbs were - not worse, perhaps, but more devastatingly efficient - I couldn't understand why the UK seemed so keen on them.

The retrial of Haradinaj, after his earlier acquittal was overturned because of witness intimidation, will send a message to the KLA: you can name as many babies as you like after Tony Blair, but you can't hide. And if, as seems likely, he is convicted, it will help to bring closure to this most troubled region.

It won't satisfy some folk of course.....


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