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Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Uncle Jimmy, it's a wicked deception. For the rest of us, it's a blooper.

Sorry to return to Uncle Jimmy so soon, but this story isn't really about him. His paranoia about the BBC does lead him to make himself look ridiculous, though. Look at this recent post.

Yes, a blatant continuity error caused pictures of an Indian anti-corruption protest to be shown when they should have been showing pictures from Green Square, Tripoli. But why, you say, did the announcers not spot the error? If you're Jimmy, it's because they are all part of a wicked left-wing plot to exaggerate support for the rebels and belittle that nice Colonel Gaddafi. (At least he doesn't go quite as far as some of his fellow American wingnuts and claim that all the footage of the celebrations in Green Square was faked in a Doha studio by al-Jazeera.) For the rest of us, it's because they're idiots, and it's fair to say this footage will be linked as much as a classic blooper as it will as an example of New World Order deception.

I spotted this one myself recently. Presumably they went to dig out a clip of I, Claudius and got one of Claudius and his great-aunt rather than his mother. Careless, certainly, but not malicious.

As BBC bloopers go it isn't as good as this one, where a taxi driver turned up for a job interview as a Data Support Cleanser (no, me neither) and was rather taken aback to find himself being interviewed, not by HR, but live on air by Consumer Affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman.

Rival broadcaster GMTV tracked down the cabbie and interviewed him, this time intentionally:

From which you will deduce that while I have no time for conspiracy theorists like Jimmy with their paranoid hatred of the BBC, I am perfectly happy to poke fun at some of their idiotic reporting. (Note however that the other people in the GMTV clip have their own tales of mix-ups on both the BBC and Sky.)

And errors of the "we put up the wrong picture" kind are not confined to the BBC:

Finally, a different kind of newsroom foul-up:

...which was swiftly followed by....


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