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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Enough already!

This story gets my goat somewhat.

Here you have Dolly Parton, who has braved demonstrations by the KKK over the annual "Gay Day" at her Dollywood theme park, getting grief from a lesbian couple for homophobia? Grief which has been picked up and echoed around the gay blogosphere (fagosphere?)

The problem was a T-shirt reading "Marriage is so gay". Now I would read that as being (a) a derogatory use of the word "gay" and (b) anti-marriage, and therefore I'm not remotely surprised that the wearer was asked to cover up the slogan. That the slogan was intended to be ironic (being worn by a lesbian, after all, albeit an unmarried one) doesn't change that.

I have a wide variety of sloganned or humorous T-shirts myself. If I wore my Bob Dylan Free Trade Hall one to Dollywood (it proclaims "I don't believe you...you're a liar! Play it fucking loud") I would expect to be asked to cover it up, and not just because (as I noticed some time after buying it) that it is a day wrong in the concert date!

I'm not sure what the T-shirt wearer's agenda was here. 15 minutes of fame for making out that a famous gay icon is supposedly homophobic? Hope of financial compensation? Or just to be in-your-face and annoy the heteros? In any event, she got an apology from Dolly herself, which was nice: after all, the wearer may have been genuinely unaware of how the T-shirt would be viewed.

The comments under this story demonstrate both how the homophobic right has picked this up and run with it, and that stupidity is not solely the preserve of the straight.

While a commenter under this one compares the fuss over this T-shirt as being like opposition to feminism in the 1960s. No, strictly speaking it's like opposition to a woman (ironically, natch) wearing a T-shirt reading "A woman's place is in the kitchen".

However inappropriate it may be in a universe the size of ours, is it too much to expect the gay advocates (and the homophobes) to strive towards a sense of proportion?


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