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Monday, August 29, 2011

De mortuis

There have been a few noteworthy dead folks recently.

Jerry Leiber, half of Leiber and Stoller who gave us Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Love Potion #9, Yakety Yak, I'm A Woman (and collaborated with other writers on Stand By Me, Pearl's A Singer and On Broadway). Most people would be happy to have one of those songs to their name.

Professor Paul Wilkinson, an academic expert on terrorism who advised the British government (and advised them that their response to it should always be guided by the rule of law). He was appalled by the Bush regime's establishment of an extra-legal gulag in Guantanamo and elsewhere. Now he's gone, while Bush, Blair and their fellow human rights abusers live on (though thankfully out of office). Unlike them, he will be missed.

George Band, who along with Joe Brown ensured that one of the world's fourteen 8000m peaks (Kangchenjunga) would be climbed first by a British team (in May 1955, just before I was born).

And finally, more locally but no less significantly for South Edinburgh, Derek Cameron, proprietor for many years of our local cinema, the Dominion. While the Saunders family make use of pretty much all the Edinburgh cinemas from time to time, if a film we want to see is on at the Dominion it's normally where we go: it's very close to where we live, very comfortable, and an enterprise well worth supporting. It also frequently keeps new blockbusters on show for a weeks or two after the big multiplexes have discontinued them. We have seen the various Harry Potters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings and the like there. It's good to know that the Dominion's future is in the safe hands of his children.


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