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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clearly they got the table upside down, since Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia have all been given the priceless gift of democracy by US forces

Regular readers may recall my earlier visit to Anne's Opinions, the blog of a Crazionist who goes by the name of anneinpt (or as I shall henceforth call her, Inept Ann). Well, passing by her silly little blog the other day I spotted a link to this, which is utterly hilarious.

I mean to say, OBVIOUSLY if a collection of the most respected human rights organisations in the planet, including several Nobel peace laureates, find that Israel's (sorry, "liberal-democratic Israel' - this was after all before Israel's subordination of democracy to theocracy became official policy) human rights record is on of the worst on the planet, then the fault is not with Israel's human rights record but with systemic anti-Israeli bias in the global NGO community. If successive Israeli governents have differed from the rest of humankind over what behaviour towards its own population and that of other countries is acceptable, then it is the rest of humankind which is in error.

Laughable though such an attitude is, it is a sad fact that the most serious threat to Israel's continued existence doesn't come from Iranian nukes, or from the wicked Islamic hordes we are forever being told are massed on Israel's borders (does Israel have borders, BTW? or are they like a game of Grandmother's Footsteps, continually creeping outwards as long as nobody is watching?) and sworn to its destruction. No, the most serious threat to Israel's continuation is the arrogant creeps in its government and elsewhere who insist that rules, laws, treaties and the like are for lesser beings, not for Israel. Because eventually a planetload of Untermenschen will lose patience and simply dismantle it. Remove it from the map. Terminate the experiment.

Personally I'd sooner see Israel behaving like a normal nation and continuing to thrive. But it's not my call.


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