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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bare Naked Invention

Uncle Jimmy, as we know, is a huge fan of BareNakedIslam, the white supremacist website run by a supposedly female faux-Jew. According to Jimmy's puff piece for her/it,

This site often uses colourful language, but it invariably links back to reputable sources.

OK then. Let's take a look at a recent BNI post.

That's right, the headline says "Muslims in America planning another hijacking around the tenth anniversary of 9/11". Gosh, that's terrible. Let's find BNI's link to a "reputable source"....

...crickets chirping....

....or any source?......

because nowhere in the article is there a single mention of hijacking. It describes a planned anti-bigotry conference. That's it. Period

Perhaps to BNI's ill-educated brain a conference is the same as a hijacking? Wow, what a mess those agendas and standing orders made of the WTC, huh?

Yet Uncle Jimmy links to this clown while censoring his supposed idol Tony Blair for being insufficiently Islamophobic. LOL.


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