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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Tribulations of Kal-El

Pity poor old Superman. First he causes massive controversy by deciding to renounce his American citizenship (Issue #700).

Then his planned link-up with a Muslim sidekick is axed (though the official story is that it was because DC Comics had a problem with kittens, not Muslims: uh-huh).

What's the planet coming to?

And poor old Kal-El can't even have the consolation of a girlfriend. Here's why not.

Straying very slightly off topic, when Googling the phrase "speaking cock" recently (in relation to this post) I discovered this wonderful treasure-house of ethnological and mythological weirdness. I was especially taken by # B184.5.1 "Magic (marvelous) goat with whistle in its anus as hero's riding animal". Never mind Sharif, I'd pay good money to read a comic where Superman rides a goat with a whistle up its butt. Wouldn't you?


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