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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back Here On Earth

Hi there! I'm back after a splendid fortnight in Mallorca, raring to go. Once I've uploaded the contents of my camera we can go over the holiday itself: suffice it to say that Ruairidh, Hilary and I had great fun, enjoyed seeing Vanessa working in her summer job, and now know for certain that there is a whole lot more to Mallorca than beaches and package holidays. Though we did enjoy a couple of beaches (and I had my first swim in the Mediterranean for 43 years).

Let's have a few of the songs that have been ear-worming me while I've been away (and fabulous songs they all are):

And finally this one. When I first typed its title I had "Les Trois Cliches", which might be close to the truth: however hackneyed, it's a hell of a song though. (And yes, I know it was originally Edith Piaf: this is the version I grew up with though. Released on my 4th birthday, no less!)


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