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Monday, June 20, 2011

Malo malo malo malo. Or not.

Serves me right I suppose. Immediately after having a go at Apple on my Facebook page for the appalling performance of their software on PCs (see below) I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9. Which was fine until I tried to post something to this blog, whereupon I found the "Publish Post" button no longer worked. Stillm all hunan knowledge is in the web somewhere, and I easily found several solutions. The one not involving changing to Firefox or Google Chrome was to add blogger.com to the sites listed under "Compatibility View Settings".

So yeah, OK Microsoft suck too. Though their suction is fixable with a little effort.

My Apple rant was occasioned, not just by the fact that nothing on iTunes works simply on the PC (it generally takes several shots to get it to notice when my iPhone is plugged in, and whatever it's doing when it syncs the phone, enabling me to transfer photographs isn't one of them: I have to use Windows Explorer for that) but by the behaviour of Apple Software Update. I checked iTunes and Quicktime, and unchecked MobileMe (which I tried for a while) and Safari (which I don't use). So after waiting quarter of an hour for the installer to perform what is presumably a small upgrade, I started doing other things only to have my system hang up. When I cleared it using task manager, what was the hold-up? Apple Software Update was telling me there were upgrades available that I hadn't installed. Yes, Mr Jobs: that's why I unchecked the fucking boxes. And why should this pearl of wisdom completely hang my system? A vain hope that I'm going to say "Gosh, how much easier this would all be if I had an Apple"? Yeah, right.

P.S. Unless you're an ex-public schoolboy or a Benjamin Brtten fan, you might need the explanation of the title here. (I'm both but the mnemonic is from Kennedy's Latin Primer and we used Marchant & Watson's New Latin Course, so I first encountered it in the opera.)

P.P.S. One of the mnemonics I do remember (though it took me a little while to recall what the listed items have in common) is (and here I recall my Latin teacher's strangely twangy voice saying it) "Names of towns, small islands, domus, humus and rus". And yes, if you Google the phrase the link appears. The Internet really is a marvel.

P.P.P.S. I have now found that the Bold/italic/colour buttons in Blogger's Compose mode no longer work either. OK, moving to Google Chrome until the IE9 problems are fixed.....


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